Why Work for a Temporary Employment Agency?

Can temporary employment be my professional future?

Temporary employment has already become a springboard for a successful career.

At IN TIME Personal-Zeitservice GmbH & Co. KG, you benefit from a quick entry into the job market, with full social security and collectively agreed upon working conditions. You enjoy all the rights and responsibilities that other workers have, but with wide-ranging opportunities to gain more diverse professional experience.

We provide employment opportunities to unskilled workers, skilled workers, employees with commercial occupations, and employees with university degrees. Temporary employment is also suitable for new job entrants, and for those seeking to change careers at any point in their professional lives. All can enjoy the opportunity to get to know interesting companies through temporary employment.

Young adults find temporary employment a useful way to earn money over holidays or to bridge gaps in training or studying without incurring high costs. Temporary employment provides a meaningful way to avoid CV gaps.

Employees are always placed in our client companies according to their qualifications, and receive very competitive remuneration.

Employees also develop a high degree of flexibility through assignments in various companies that expand both knowledge and skills. By changing assignments, employees can develop diverse skill sets, and have the opportunity to gain permanent employment in one of our client companies.

Temporary employment is ultimately the chance to prove yourself on your way to permanent employment.